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SAQHA Show January 23 - 27, 2019

Horseshoe Park and Equestrian Centre
Queen Creek, Arizona

Brought to you by
Southern AZ Quarter Horse Association



Jackpots in
Roping • Cutting • Cowhorse








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Kathy Gould - Saddle Up Enterprises

33410 Road 800
Raymond, CA 93653
Phone/Fax 559-689-3101 Cell 559-760-0512


Manager: Carol Whittaker - Vail, AZ • 520-907-8286


Approved By:

American Quarter Horse Association
Arizona Quarter Horse Association
Southern Arizona Quarter Horse Association
National Reined Cow Horse Association
Arizona Reined Cow Horse Association
Arizona Stock Horse

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2018 Judges

Sandy Jirkovsky, Whitesboro TX (A)

Clark Parker, Paradise UT (F)

Morgan Lybbert, Valley View TX (C)
(NRCHA, Spectacular, AQHA, VRH)

Jeff Mellott, Wichita, KS (E)

Kim Myers, Felton, PA (B)

Tim Smith, Payson, AZ (G)
AQHA (cutting only)

Dolly Chayer, Sperry OK (D)

Suzy Jeane Phoenix AZ (H)



ENTRIES CLOSE January 15, 2018. Please enter complete information for each HORSE and RIDER(S) on the enclosed registration form. Use one form per horse. A one-time POST ENTRY PENALTY of $25 per horse will be charged for entries received, or submitted online after Jauary 15, 2018. Photocopies of AQHA papers, current AQHA Open, Amateur and/or Youth card must accompany entries. Numbers will not be issued unless entry forms are completely and legibly filled out. Online entries must bring papers and cards to the office when picking up numbers.

CUTTING CLASS entries must be received by January 15, 2018. Entries received after that date will be charged a $25 cattle late fee, and may be placed at the bottom of the draw and subject to rerun cattle. Changess for horses already entered on 1/15/2018 will be accepted.



SAQHA 2018 Arena Schedule


Download Schedule as a PDF

Download complete Class List


Arena 1

Arena 4

Arena 2


Wednesday 1/24

9:00 AM


1st round of cutting (Chayer, Smith)


After am cutting, not before 1 pm


2nd round of cutting (Jirkosvsky, Lybbert)


Thursday 1/25

8:00 AM

9:00 AM


(Jirkovsky, Myers)

(Chayer, Lybbert)


jr/sr cowhorse

western pleasure


all reining



western riding


ranch trail


Friday 1/26

8:00 AM

9:00 AM





(Jirkovsky, Myers)

(Chayer, Lybbert)


amateur & yth cowhorse

hunter under saddle


all boxing



(Jirkovsky, Myers)



1st round roping (Arena 3)

ranch riding


(Chayer, Lybbert, Parker)


2nd round roping



Saturday 1/27

8:00 AM

8:00 AM

after VRH cow-work







(Chayer, Myers, Jirskovsky,Mellott, Parker)



VRH cutting


VRH ranch riding


VRH cow-work

showmanship (Chayer, Parker)



(Jirkosvsky, Myers, Mellott) 

VRH reining


after showmanship


VRH trail


(Lybbert, Chayer, Parker)

western pleasure 

VRH conformation


jr/sr cowhorse




western riding



ranch trail


Sunday 1/28

9:00 AM

8:00 AM


(Lybbert, Chayer, Parker)         

(Jirkosvsky, Myers, Mellott)


amateur & yth cow horse

hunter under saddle


all boxing





ranch riding




2018 Fees



Trail Fee

Open & Amateur

$16 per judge

$19 per judge

Level 1

$11 per judge

$14 per judge


$12 per judge

$15 per judge

Versatility Ranch Horse

$35 per class
$200 for all classes
+ $35 cutting fee, $35 cow work fee


Non-AQHA Class



Anyone Can Ride

$15 per class


Other Fees



AQHA Processing Fee
(per horse, per show)



Office Fee (per horse)



Haul-in Fee - competitors without stall (per day)



Late-entry Fee (per horse)



Stall Fee (per day, per stall)



Stall fee Barns B-K

$140, or $35 per night


Stall fee Barn A
Reserved For Sponsors



Working Cow Horse Cattle Fee (per class)






Roping Fee (per class)



Jackpot - Roping, Cutting, Cowhorse
(fee automatically included unless opt out at CHECK IN)



Cutting Cattle Fee (per class)




2018 All Around Awards

All Around Champions:
Open, Amateur, Select Amateur, L1 Amateur, Youth, and L1 Youth

Reserve All Around Champion:
Open, Amateur, Select Amateur, L1 Amateur, Youth, and L1 Youth

Horses must show in 4 classes under each judge to be eligible. L1 open classes will not count towards all-around awards. Amateur, select and L1 awards are based on horse/rider combination. If fewer than 3 horses are competing for an award, an alternative award may be offered.
Circuit awards offered for all classes. If fewer than 3 horses are competing for an awards, an alternative award may be offered.



High Point Working Horse

Awarded in open and amateur to the horse/rider combination earning the most points in: working cowhorse, roping, ranch riding, ranch trail, VRH cow work, VRH ranch riding, VRH trail, and VRH cow-work. Pointed on the basis of 9+ in the class, 9 points to first, 8 to second etc. If there are 8 in the class 8 points to first. Halter, either VRH or regular is not required, however points earned in either regular halter and/or VRH halter will be included in point totals. Ties will be broken by the most points earned in cow horse classes, then by tie-breaker judge in cow horse classes


2D/3D $50 CASH on the Spot awards.

Awarded in all reining, western riding, trail and ranch riding classes. When 15 horses show in each of the listed classes (open amateur, youth, L1 amateur and youth) the high-scoring horse under a designated judge will receive $50 cash, the horse scoring 3 points below the high-scoring horse will receive $50 cash. When 20 horses show, the high scoring horse receives $50, the horse 3 points below the high score receives $50, and the horse 6 points below the high-score receives $50. In case of tie scores, the money will be split. If no horse scores exactly 3 points below the respective score, the cash will be awarded to the horse lower than, and closest to the respective score.




Added money day 1 sponsored by Southern Arizona Quarter Horse Association
Added money day 2 sponsored by Arizona Reined Cowhorse Association
Spectacular Classes sponsored by Arizona Reined Cowhorse Association, all classes judged by Morgan Lybbert (cutting second round, cowhorse on Saturday and Sunday)


STALLS will be available on Tuesday January 23, 2018. Reservations due January 15, 2018. Stall reservations received after January 15 will be made on a first-come, first-served basis. Stalls in Barn A are 12x12 with mats and covered aisles for $165 for the run of the show. Stalls in Barns B-K are 10x10 with mats for $140 for the run of the show or $35 per night.
ANYONE WISHING TO STALL IN BARN A IS REQUIRED TO SEND A NON-RE-FUNDABLE RESERVATION FEE OF $25 PER STALL BY JANUARY 15, 2018. Stall reservation may be paid by check postmarked by January 12, 2018, mailed to Carol Whittaker at the address below, or by credit card payment to Reservation fees will be applied to stall fees upon checkout. Stalls reserved but not used, will not be refunded.

Send stall reservations with horse name & responsible party to Carol Whittaker:
by email (, text (520.907.8286)
snail mail: 8101 S Pistol Hill Rd, Vail AZ 85641

Exhibitors requesting stalls in Barn A must pay non-refundable reservation fee of $25 per stall. Blue Ribbon sponsors will be granted 10 stalls without reservation fee.


MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS. All riders/handlers must have a current, individual AQHA, Amateur or AQHYA membership. Show management must inspect the mem-bership cards or photocopies prior to issuing entries. If an exhibitor cannot produce a current individual membership card, exhibitors will complete the appropriate application (AQHA or AQHYA) and pay the proper membership fee. An exhibitor MUST PRESENT A CURRENT CARD OR PURCHASE MEMBERSHIP before they can show. Amateur cer-tifications CAN now be obtained at the show. Exhibitors in Novice Amateur and Novice Youth classes must have a card showing “N” in membership number. See AQHA rules SHW 220-245.

AWARDS First through sixth place. Grand and Reserve Mare, Gelding and Stallion to receive show ribbon. Halter Grand and All-around trophies available through AQHA. High Point Awards to be tabulated on a basis of nine or more in a class: 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1: eight in a class: 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 etc. Points accumulated throughout the show. TIE BREAKERS: 1) Greatest number of first places; 2) Tiebreaker judge.


ALL AROUND AWARDS will be calculated like AQHA. One horse, one rider, one divi-sion. Halter points will count towards all-around awards, however halter is not required; horse must show in four classes under each judge in your division to be eligible for all-around and reserve.

CIRCUIT AWARDS must show under all judges to be eligible.

NOVICE CLASSES All AQHA classes that are listed as “novice” will be Level 1 classes under AQHA’s new leveling system. Please make sure you are eligible by reviewing AQHA’s website or contacting them with questions.

AzQHA SANCTIONED SHOWS are assessed $1.00 per class entry to help fund year-end awards. This assessment is included in your entry fee.

PERFORMANCE HALTER CLASSES require proof of AQHA Performance ROM. An exhibitor may not enter the corresponding halter class.

STALLIONS may not be shown in Level 1 youth, youth or Level 1 amateur classes.



Thank You To Our 2018 Sponsors:


Roy Rich Quarter Horses

TK Duke Performance Horses

Bar U Bar Ranch


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