NRCHA Classes at the SAQHA Show

NRCHA Reined Cow Horse Shows – NRCHA/AzRCHA classes will run concurrently with the AQHA Cow Horse classes Cattle Fee charged once if riding in concurrent classes. Payout according to NRCHA schedule.

NRCHA classes are conducted under rules and regulations of NRCHA. All exhibitors in NRCHA classes must be current members in good standing of NRCHA; memberships may be purchased at the show, if you are a current year member please send a copy of your membership with your horse’s entry form. The Cowhorse Spectaculars are not NRCHA approved however they will be conducted under NRCHA rules including head-gear requirements.

Spectaculars are not NRCHA approved, but will follow NRCHA rules. No NRCHA fee applies. Exhibitors in the Spectaculars must show in both rounds of cutting and both days of cowhorse and use NRCHA age appropri-ate headgear. Select Non Pro must enter a main Non Pro class. Only one office, judge and cattle fee for concurrent classes. Exhibitors must be members of AzRCHA for points to count towards year end prizes and Saddle Series.